Using the App to Connect with People

The conference app has several features designed to help you connect with others at the conference, both through the app and in-person. Check out some of the features below, and test them out!

Social Feed
The Social Feed module lets you and other attendees interact with each other by posting comments, photos, and commenting & “liking” others’ posts. In the Social Feed module you’ll also find easy-access pages to the NLC social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and more.

Session Conversations
Accessed in the Schedule module on the individual session detail screens, the “Discuss” button allows you to have private conversations with attendees in a given session. You can also assign posts to speakers so they can see if there is a question directed towards them.

“Let’s Meet” Feature
Keep your email address protected by only sharing it with who you want to share it with. Easily email fellow attendees by going to the Attendee List module and clicking the “Let’s Meet” button for who you want to get in touch with. The built in “blind emails” functionality allows attendees to email one another without providing their email address publicly on the app. The user only sees the attendee’s name when sending the email, not their email address. Once the receiver of the email receives it, they then have the option if they want to share their email address with the sender by replying back to the email.

Matchmaking Feature
Use the Matchmaking button in the Attendee List module to filter the list by different categories to easily find other attendees.

Photo Gallery
Upload your photos from the conference to share your experience with fellow attendees. See a photo you want to save for later? Easily export photos to your email.