Youth Program: Skill-Building Breakout Sessions

10:30 am - 12:15 pm
March 14, 2017

Youth delegates and chaperones will have a choice among skill-building workshops.

Lobbying and Advocacy Through Storytelling
Personal stories are key tools in any lobbyist or advocates toolbox. Youth are experts in their own experiences and can create change by sharing this expertise. This workshop will help youth build skills in sharing their personal stories to create changes in policy or law.

Making the Youth Voice Heard: Building Authenticity in Youth Civic Engagement
Youth will learn about three opportunities to make meaningful contributions to their cities in Youth Council activities by increasing the power youth have through the activities. Topics will include strengthening the role of youth councils in city governance, participatory budgeting to give youth a voice in the city’s budget, and creating community events with authentic youth voice for all youth. Youth will develop a plan to implement one of these options in their home city.

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