Dear <Decision-maker>,

I would like to request funding to attend the Congressional City Conference, March 11-14 in Washington, D.C. This conference brings together more than 2,000 elected and appointed city leaders to focus on the federal policy issues that are important to local governments.

NLC is a bipartisan organization dedicated to helping city leaders build better communities. Throughout the year, NLC advocates for cities and towns in Washington, D.C. through full-time lobbying and grassroots campaigns. The Congressional City Conference is a unique opportunity for city leaders to join NLC’s efforts and advocate on behalf of NLC’s federal action priorities, benefitting <Your city name here> and cities everywhere.

The conference will include sessions and learning opportunities where I can gather tangible takeaways to bring back home on a variety of topics important to our community, such as infrastructure, public safety, community resilience, and federal regulations that will make me a stronger advocate for <Your city name here>. <Add specific conference workshops and NLC University seminars from the conference website to customize for your city’s/town’s needs and interests>.

<The numbers in brackets below will need to be adjusted to reflect the current pricing. The travel costs vary as well and should be changed to reflect your costs.>

The full price conference fee is <$xxxx>, but can be reduced by registering before the early bird deadline.

<You will need to insert your travel cost numbers here>

Here is the breakdown of conference costs:
Roundtrip Airfare: <$xxxx>
Transportation: <$xxxx>
Hotel: <$xxxx>
Meals: <$xxxx>
Conference Fee: <$xxxx>

The total costs associated with attending this conference are: <$xxxx>.

With such a rich offering of educational content and the chance to share my insights with members of Congress, the White House, and federal agency representatives, <Your city name here> will benefit from my attendance at Congressional City Conference.

If there’s any further information I can provide to support my request, please do not hesitate to ask!


<Your Name Here>