NLC 101

Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Date: March 13, 2022

Location: Cherry Blossom Room


Do you have questions about how to engage with National League of Cities to improve your community? The National League of Cities is a strategic partner for local leaders and municipal staff, serving as a resource and advocate for communities large and small. This session provides a comprehensive overview of our programs and initiatives and will discuss how you can get access to timely resources, proven best practices, and connections to peer networks. NLC provides members with training, advocacy, peer networking and savings through partner solutions all to help better serve residents nationwide. Attendees are able to click on any of the topic areas below; when you join that room you will see a video and then invited to join a live meeting with NLC staff to learn and ask questions about their work on the topic and how you can get involved. Within each topic area there may be resources available for download. Attendees can move from one breakout room to another to talk with any of the NLC staff representatives. We encourage you to visit every table. In the box on this page under”files” attendees may download a list of resources compiled by NLC staff regarding engagement opportunities and membership. For any general questions or troubleshooting, click on the General Questions room and NLC staff will assist you in real time.