NLC University – Fostering Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship

9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Small businesses are the backbone of your city’s local economy. As an elected leader, you have the power to help local entrepreneurs start, scale, and retain their businesses in your community. This NLCU session will explore strategies for building a supportive environment for small businesses and startups, with a specific emphasis on city policy levers that you can influence. Join this session if you strive to better meet the needs of your local business community.

Credits: 2
Proficiency Area: Issue Expertise (Economic Development)
Level: 201
Cost: $150 bird rate (by January 31); $160 after January 31
Audience: Local elected officials; all city sizes


  • David Myers Executive Director - Ponca City Development Authority
  • Penny Lewandowski Senior consultant, External relations - Edward Lowe Foundation

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