NLC University – Retail as a Catalyst for Economic Development (Preregistration Required)

Time: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Date: March 13, 2022

Location: Marquis Salon 1


Beyond placemaking and being the heart and soul of a community, retail is an economic engine that boosts your community’s growth and well-being. NLC believes that retail should be an essential element in any economic development strategy and that local officials should be ready with the knowledge of how to recruit retail. This course will provide an overview how to attract and retain valuable businesses while honoring the vision and goals of your community. The course will also be an opportunity for participants to hear about a new and exciting NLCU + Retail Strategies opportunity kicking off Summer 2022.

What you’ll learn:

Learn why your focus on retail recruitment/development is critical now more than ever
Be able to better understand how to engage retail to be an economic lever in your community
How and why retail should be incorporated into other economic strategies planned or currently underway

Registration and Ticket Required.