Preparing for the Census: What’s in Store for 2020

10:45 am - 12:15 pm
March 13, 2018
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The 2020 Census will be a historic one on many fronts, including the fact that it will be the first ever Census with an online participation component. As local leaders, you rely on the Census to provide an accurate count of your residents to ensure proper appropriation of federal funding, congressional representation and general study of your community. Every 10 years, the Bureau runs into the same challenges, including undercounting of vulnerable populations and youth, but local leaders play a critical role in navigating these issues so that nearly everyone is counted. While we are still two years out, the Census Bureau is facing some unique uphill battles this go around — from funding and administrative challenges to new cybersecurity concerns. Join us to learn more about why the Census matters to cities, and what your city can do to make sure the 24th Decennial Census is a success for everyone.

NLC Policy Position
National Municipal Policy 2018 | Page:11; 20



  • Mary Jo Hoeksema Director of Governmental Affairs - Population Association of America


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