Successful Strategies to Address the Opioid Crisis

1:45 pm - 3:15 pm
March 12, 2018
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Opioid overdoses and opioid deaths continue to rise—despite declarations of a national health emergency. With national resources limited and local initiatives many and varied, find viable solutions to combat the opioid crisis in your community. You will learn how to properly use data to make informed decisions about treatment and prevention initiatives. Get an opportunity to expand your leadership capacity by collaborating with peers across all levels of government to partner with neighboring jurisdictions and effectively track the crisis. And, you’ll take home tools to implement programs that will stop this major public health emergency.

NLC Policy Position
National Municipal Policy 2018 | Pages: 117; 219


  • James Brooks City Solutions Director - National League of Cities (NLC)


  • Sean Fearns Chief of Community Outreach - US Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Richard Leadbeater Global Solutions Manager, State Government & Trade Associations Industries - ESRI
  • Joel Navarro Councilmember - Tempe, AZ

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