Arthur L. Guzzetti

Vice President - Policy
American Public Transportation Association

A 39 year veteran in public transportation at the local, state and federal level, Art Guzzetti Serves as Vice President – Policy for the American Public Transportation Association, the trade group for the public transportation industry. Among other things, Mr. Guzzetti is responsible for APTA’s extensive policy development and research agenda, and for advancing policies favorable to public transportation and Congress, the Administration, state and local governments, with grass-roots and stakeholder organizations, and with public policy think tanks. Prior to coming to Washington in June 1997, Mr. Guzzetti had 16 years of management experience at two of America’s leading public transportation systems: New Jersey Transit, and Port Authority of Allegheny County, along with two years at the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Arthur L. Guzzetti will be speaking at:

Urban, Rural and the American Middle: Strategies for Meeting Transportation and Water Needs

March 12, 2018 10:45 am - 12:15 pm ,

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