Daniel Villao

Deputy Administrator
U.S. Department of Labor

Daniel Villao is the Deputy Administrator for the United States Office of Apprenticeship. Villao oversees the policy and expansion efforts of the National Apprenticeship system and is tasked with leading these efforts across the US and its Territories. Villao is leading the teams charged with the expansion of ApprenticeshipUSA into new sectors working with major employers across the country to help equip their workforce development practices, adapt the national system to meet evolving industry needs, and generate access to family transforming careers. Under his leadership the office of Apprenticeship is modernizing its approach to workforce development, updating how technology supports the American worker’s access to quality careers and creating inroads for businesses of all sizes to add a competitive edge by having access to the highly trained technically capable workers they need.

Daniel Villao will be speaking at:

Human Development (HD) Federal Advocacy Committee Meeting

March 11, 2018 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm ,

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