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Eric Keck

Vice President of Customer Success

Resource Exploration, LLC


Eric Keck is the Vice President of Customer Success with ResourceX. He joined the company after serving over 20 years in local government as a city manager in four different states. Mr. Keck also has experience in both manufacturing and commercial real estate development.

Mr. Keck has significant municipal commercial construction experience having constructed two city halls and multiple other governmental facilities.

Mr. Keck’s experience in being a two time implementer of the Priority Base Budgeting Methodology and tools makes him an indispensable resource to clients undertaking this initiative.

Mr. Keck utilized the PBB Methodology in Englewood, CO to begin thinking about using it as a platform for collaboration which was the forerunner to the Program Mapping. In a move toward fiscal sustainability, Keck outsourced the fire department and saved the City of Englewood $3.5 mm while at the same time enhanced service to his community.

Mr. Keck is a Prosci certified change manager, is certified in lean fundamentals and is a six sigma white belt.

Mr. Keck was a Navigator Award for State and Local Government Leadership finalist in 2017.

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