Erin Gittens

Program Analyst
Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Veterans Benefits Administration’s (VBA)

Erin Gittens currently serves as a Program Analyst for the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Veterans Benefits Administration’s (VBA). She is the Program Manager for the Homeless Veteran Program as well as the Justice Involved Veteran Program for VBA. Gittens came to VA as a Rating Veteran Service Representative and has since served as a Change Management Agent, Assistant Coach and Case Manager for Veteran and survivor inquiries for the Secretary and Under Secretary for Benefits.

Prior to joining the VA, Gittens was the director of residential and rehabilitation programs for people with intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injury and chronic mental illness in her home state of Massachusetts.  Much of her experience with this population came from her service as a Behavioral Science Specialist in the US Army. She spent three years in the US Army reserves and eight years in the Active Duty Army as a Combat Medic and Psychiatric Specialist serving military members and their families in both inpatient,  outpatient  and field mental health settings. She deployed to Haiti with 10th Mountain Division and Bosnia with 1st Armored Division. She ended her military career at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC to raise her family.

Gittens received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bowie State University and her Master’s Degree in Management with a concentration in Organization Development from The Catholic University of America.

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