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Jaysyn Carson

Director, Incident Support Services

Fairfax County Police Department


Jaysyn “Jay” Carson is a retired twenty-seven-year veteran with the Fairfax County Police Department and currently the departments Director of Incident Support Services. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. During his career he has served as a detective in the department’s Gang Investigations Unit and supervised the specialty units of Organized Crimes and Narcotics, and the Major Crimes Division. He was also the Assistant Commander of the Regional Intelligence Center and the Assistant Commander of the Peer Support Team / Incident Support Services.

Jay spent the last twenty-one years as a member of the department’s Peer Support Team and ended his law enforcement career as one of the team’s two commanders. As team commander, his enthusiasm, position and experience afforded him the opportunity to be instrumental in producing and directing a suicide prevention film that has been recognized at the national level. Subsequently, he constructed a survey with department psychologists to identify possible contributants to the suicide rate within first responders. In concert with these projects, he organized and began development of a comprehensive wellness program. This program was in part a culmination of Jay’s focus on the role of stress and trauma as it relates to the suicide rate among first responders. The goals include changing the culture, reducing stigma, enhancing physical and mental health, preventing suicide, and lessening trauma reactions. These goals will be achieved with progressive policy changes and research-driven education and training.

Jay currently travels, teaching federal, state, and local jurisdictions about changing the culture, reducing stigma, understanding and normalizing the effects of trauma, and addressing suicide in first responders.

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