Joseph Goldstein


Joseph Goldstein has been a City Councilman for Ward 7 of the City of Marietta, Georgia since 2018. Elected in 2017 at the age of 23, he has worked with other members of his City Council to help the City of Marietta grow and prosper. He is a lifelong resident of Marietta. 


Councilman Goldstein has been a member of NLC’s Information, Technology and Communications (ITC) Federal Advocacy Committee since 2018 and was appointed as a Vice Chair of the Committee for 2020 and 2022. The ITC Committee has worked with Congress to help voice Cities’ concerns on technology issues, including cybersecurity concerns.  


Councilman Goldstein is the Chair of the Finance/Investments Committee, the Vice Chair of the Economic / Community Development Committee and a member of the Public Works Committee for the City of Marietta, Georgia. During his time on the committees, the City of Marietta obtained cybersecurity insurance and has worked on providing better services to residents through the use of technology. 


Councilman Goldstein holds a BBA in Real Estate from the University of Georgia and a JD from the University of Georgia School of Law. He works in a family real estate business in Marietta, Georgia and a member of the State Bar of Georgia.