Mike Goldstein

Public Safety Director

City of Plymouth, MN


In 1990, Mike started his formal career as a police officer with the City of Plymouth.  In 2004, after ascending through the ranks, Mike was appointed to Chief of Police and to Emergency Management Director for the City of Plymouth.  In 2015, Mike was appointed to Director of Public Safety for the City where he leads both the police and fire departments.

Mike is the past President for the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association, is a past President for the Hennepin County Police Chiefs Association and participates in several other law enforcement-related committees including: the State of Minnesota’s Violent Crime and Coordinating Council (past Chair); the Twin Cities Security Partnership Board of Directors; IACP’s State Association of Chiefs of Police (SACOP), past state representative; and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Joint Terrorism Task Force Executive Board.

Mike is also on the Board of Directors for thee non-profits: Public Safety Ministries Incorporated, Boy Scouts of America’s Northern Star Council and Badge of Life.

Mike has a Master of Arts Degree in Public Safety Education and Administration and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice both from the University of St. Thomas.

Mike was an adjunct faculty member at the University of St. Thomas and is a speaker on leadership practices and wellness initiatives for public safety personnel.

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