Richard Leadbeater

Global Manager: State/Provincial Government Industry Solutions and Government Trade Associations



Richard Leadbeater, Esri’s State/Provincial Government Industry Solutions Manager, joined Esri in 1997.  Mr. Leadbeater focuses on developing tools and solutions addressing government administrative functions with attention towards using GIS in support of policy development, elections, redistricting, and government administrative processes. 

“My goal is to move the application of GIS and geographic analysis further, from its present use by technology professionals, into the conversations that define government policy and its operations. The data governments generate must be considered a valued resource that wants exploitation.  I believe that data in the 21st century is what timber, iron, and coal were to the 19th century.  More importantly, this cache needs proper crafting.  Today, we talk about producing and mining data, but the real value is in the creation of finished goods.”