Jay Williams is a former mayor of Youngstown, Ohio and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development under the Obama Administration. As the administrator of the Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration (EDA), Williams was charged with leading the federal economic development agenda by promoting innovation and competitiveness, and preparing American regions for growth and success in the global economy. Previously, he served as the executive director of the federal Office of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers, and also as the mayor of Youngstown, Ohio. His election in 2005 gained local and regional media attention because it brought Youngstown its first African-American mayor as well as its first independent mayor since 1922.

Councilman Matt Zone was first elected to City Council in 2001, representing Ward 15, which includes the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood where he and generations of his family grew up.

Ward 15 also includes the Edgewater area and parts of Ohio City, Cudell, and Stockyards neighborhoods.

Councilman Zone is chairman of council’s Safety Committee and vice chairman of its Finance Committee. He also serves on the Health & Human Services Committee and the Operations Committee.

Councilman Zone is a strong advocate for the arts, green building and alternative energy and he has been a major force behind on-going capital projects that are giving bursts of vibrancy in his West Side ward including the development of the Gordon Square Arts District, which is comprised of new housing and businesses, retail development and the construction and renovation of three theaters.

He is engaged in the $41.5 million Cleveland West Shoreway project that includes reconstructing the road and turning what was a two-mile freeway into a tree-lined boulevard, including new streets and ramps that give residents more access to Lake Erie.

As chairman of Council’s Safety Committee, Councilman Zone, who is in constant contact with the city’s safety forces, is in the vanguard of the battle against neighborhood crime. He is also very involved in the city of Cleveland’s consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice and the federal monitor overseeing the Cleveland Police Department.

In November 2016, Councilman Zone was elected President of the National League of Cities, an organization that represents 19,000 cities, towns and villages throughout the United States. Previously, Councilman Zone was First Vice President.

Councilman Zone is a graduate of St. Edward High School and Cleveland State University’s College of Urban Affairs. He and his wife, Michelle, have a son who graduated from Kent State University and is a Cleveland Police officer.