Large Cities Council Meeting

The Large Cities Council provides exceptional value to NLC members municipalities (Local Elected Officials & municipal staff) by offering unique networking, information sharing and engagement opportunities with a focus on communities with populations over 200,000 as well as cities that are the most populous within their state. Come join our meeting!

Small Cities Council Meeting

The Small Cities Council provides a forum for local elected officials and staff to network, share best practices and share information for communities in population of 50,000 and below.

First Tier Suburbs Council Meeting

The First Tier Suburbs Council (FTS) is open to any local elected official representing a member city or town outside of central cities and inside the ring of developing suburbs and rural areas. Participants share ideas and creative solutions to challenges affecting first tier suburbs. Participation in the Council ensures that the unique needs of… Continue reading First Tier Suburbs Council Meeting

NLC Advisory Council Meeting

The members of the Advisory Council are NLC’s most senior elected leaders all of whom have previously held positions on the Board of Directors and who continue to hold office in their communities. The Advisory Council provides a unique perspective to the NLC President and to the present governing board on issues of critical importance… Continue reading NLC Advisory Council Meeting

University Communities Council Meeting

• Connect with local leaders from university communities around the country.• Discuss the unique challenges facing your university community during the pandemic.• Learn more about building successful partnerships between municipalities and higher education. The University Communities Council is a network of local elected officials and municipal staff members from communities with a higher education institution… Continue reading University Communities Council Meeting