City leaders, find out what you need to know about the Administration’s plan and how we will work with Congress to ensure that they pass an infrastructure package that gets the job done for cities.

At the Congressional City Conference (CCC), we will focus on shaping a strong infrastructure plan that will:

Make targeted investments: Let’s work on building a strong federal-local partnership. You’ll get an opportunity to connect with Administration officials including federal agencies ranging from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to the U.S. Department of Labor and Workforce. Learn about exclusive grants, tools, and technical assistance available for cities.

What CCC workshops you should attend:

Leverage the private sector: Discover how public-private partnerships can assist with the financial and human capital necessary to complete large infrastructure projects.

What CCC workshops you should attend:

Meets Workforce Needs: Learn effective strategies to find funding and build a strong workforce that will support critical infrastructure projects in your community.

What CCC workshops you should attend:

Expand broadband access: It’s time to eliminate the barriers to municipal broadband access. Get the latest updates on the country’s first-ever nationwide broadband network and get an opportunity to meet with federal agencies about funding opportunities for rural broadband planning and deployment.

What CCC workshops you should attend:

We’re confident the workshops and seminars at CCC will provide you with tools and will start meaningful discussions that to address our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Register now—the rate increases onsite.

Be prepared to effectively advocate on Capitol Hill

NLC has prioritized infrastructure as our top federal advocacy priority this year and during the conference, we will talk a lot about how you can get involved in our year-long campaign to rebuild and reimage America’s infrastructure. The workshops and seminars will address challenges related to America’s crumbling infrastructure from various aspects and cover hot topics including the opioid crisis, immigration enforcement, the Census, marijuana policy, and tax reform. What will you learn at #CCCNLC? Check out the workshop topics below.

Safety & Resilience

Increased extreme weather events, unexplainable natural disasters, transit tragedies, and water crises are trending challenges facing our communities. Find ways to develop sustainable systems and stable infrastructure for more resilient cities equipped with tools and resources to endure various challenges.

Community & Housing

Cities today face various challenges with housing and creating welcoming neighborhoods for their demographically diverse residents. Learn about the resources and tools available to help local leaders cultivate welcoming, mixed communities that meet the needs of residents with varying income levels and ethnic backgrounds.

Data & Technology

Technology allows city governments to improve the quality of life in their communities. Find out how city leaders can use data to inform decision-making, what the connected, smart city of the future will look like, and the impacts of the uprising of smart cities across America.

Advocacy & Communication

Help make a difference for cities by speaking up to Congress about local priorities. As a representative of your city, you know the impact federal decisions have on our communities. Get tips and proven strategies to effectively advocate for cities while you’re on Capitol Hill.


Through new approaches, community outreach and education, and even legal action, municipal governments are continuing to lead the most comprehensive efforts to date in the battle against widespread opioid addiction. Learn about what actions city leaders are taking to treat and prevent this widespread public health problem.

Regulations & Legislation

Federal legislation, rules and regulations often affect local government operations, budgets and development. Get updates on the federal policies that will impact your community.  Learn to develop partnerships that will ensure Congress and federal agencies consider the local government perspective when developing legislation and regulatory policy.